As I look in the horizon, I see the beauty of the cityscape, the clouds in the sky, the far view of the people having fun and the little cars that travel with a consistent pace. 

As I see all of these, I lay down on the grass I reminisce all the moments in my past when I had to let go of my passions for the things I love to do just to focus on the things that will matter in the future.

As a kid, following my parents wishes had always been number one in my list. I never disobeyed their wishes for I was told that my parents know what’s right for me. 

Art has always been dear to me. I love to draw, to color, to paint and to take photographs. I’ve always admired the paintings that were hanged in walls along the halls of our house, the pictures of places in frames and the elegant display collection of furnitures. 

The factor that could have affected my liking probably was my Mommy Lits’ taste and love for art. Seeing art everywhere I go inside the house and seeing how she looks at the quality of everything was probably the foundation and the push that I needed to want to pursue this passion of mine. 

Before, my passion was a balanced scale between art and science. But after being told that being a scientist will do me no good, I erased that goal in my mind. 

Over the years that passed, I dedicated my free time to origami, coloring and abstract painting.

However when I finally said that I want to art to be my profession, I was again discouraged by my parents, saying that it won’t be fit for our family name. 
So as I grew up I didn’t think of any field that I want to pursue. I did things just to have fun. But then, my love for photography started to grow. I never enjoyed anything other than using the microscope and playing sports. 

Whenever I take a photo, it makes me feel so happy to look at the photographs after taking them. 
It is such a nice feeling to have captured the beauty of the scenery.   

I did not attempt to make this a possible profession for I know that my parents will disagree with me completely. Knowing their viewpoints about art as a profession did not encourage me to do so. I may not do this professionally but I will not stop doing it as a hobby. 


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