epIt’s been awhile since I last posted. This entry is a little explanation about my childhood because a lot of you got confused with my entry about my Mommy Lits. (^.^)

We call our grandmother Mommy Lits. The reason why we do, I don’t really know but maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to be called grandma, at least that’s what my dad tells me.

As far as my memory goes, I have lived with her even before I started to talk or walk. She became my grandma and at the same time my mom. She takes me to and from school and brings me to Greenhills to fetch my cousin (who is my big brother figure) and we eat ice cream, pastries, deserts and pastas. I loved everything there! How I wish it was still the same now.

My father visits me every weekend or as often as he can and buys gifts, mostly clothes but whatever he brings, I didn’t really mind because what mattered to me was his prescence and the time that I can spend with him.

Whenever he’s around, he usually starts talking with Mommy Lits while watching me draw, color or do origami. But what I really loved the most was the times when he reads stories to me, make desserts and eat together.

The view of sunsets make me sad because whenever I see it, it means my dad will have to leave. I would always hug him so tight and sometimes request for him to stay and eat dinner with us but for some reason he cannot always grant that wish. Every single night I would wish that the day my father would visit can come sooner or maybe have him call before I sleep.

Most people say that my childhood was weird because I never played outdoor games like tumbang preso, patintero, chinese garter, and other games I see kids play on the streets. This was because I was never allowed to go out of the house because they feared for my safety. This being said, I also haven’t tried some filipino foods like balut, penoy, dried fishes, and other street foods. They told me  never to try it because it was dangerous to eat.

When it was almost time for me to graduate and move to Elementary school, I learned the truth. I was introduced to a person that I’ve never had the chance to meet before.

I met my mom when I was about to turn 6. They figured it was time for me to live with them and study near my parents house. It was probably the nicest gift to receive but also depressing for it would mean that I will no longer be with my Mommy Lits.

The first days were hard and they made me cry so hard because I wanted to go back to the home that I was used to staying in. They made a schedule for me to gradually adjust.

The first month I would just go there twice a week then it became thrice until it was agreed upon that I will stay with my Mommy Lits every weekend. Even though things turned out this way, either one of us would call each other and talk for hours until it was time for me to sleep.

Years passed and I was able to cope with this setup. But during special occasions I tend to stay with my Mommy Lits especially during my birthday or hers and I spend summer and christmas breaks with her as well.

However there was a point in my life when I stayed with my parents more because of school works.

That’s why I couldn’t handle the grief of losing her when she passed away. This kind of setup made me come to a point wherein I didn’t want to talk to anyone else in my family because I only felt safe with my Mommy Lits.


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